Conquer the World




No, I am not talking about creating armies and invading countries. I am talking about something totally different. The world has become one country with the development of the internet and social media. Now, you can spread your ideas and philosophies in the whole world by pressing some buttons.

Throughout history, each era had its positive characteristics. I believe our era is the best, as the technology it has, is the best among history. We have to admit that we are luckier than people who lived in the past. Maybe the people of the future will be luckier than us, who knows!

I think the clever person is the one who uses the elements of his era. Whatever you do for living you can reach any one on Facebook. You can tweet any idea, even if it is odd or even unbelievable, and millions might read it. You can post a video of you playing with your pet, and you might get millions of views. Although that does not happen always, it still happens. Here comes the difference between a clever man and a regular man. Of course, luck plays a role, yet creativity is the most important factor.

Psy, a Korean pop singer made the unbelievable when he posted a song on Youtube that has been watched 2 billion times! And the number is still increasing. Maybe when he told others about his dream, they laughed at him. Nevertheless, he succeeded because he believed in himself. Hundreds of physician, engineers, and writers has made similar achievements, although on smaller scales.

I always imagine if someone like Shakespeare had the blessing of modern communication, what would he achieve? He is already a legend, but imagine he could communicate with fans from China to USA. That would have been amazing.

You should be positive. Everybody knows about social media, but not everybody uses it in an efficient way. If you are positive and do everything possible, you might become the next Psy.

So after finishing this article, start your professional journey with the social media. Come back and comment here, telling us about your experience.