My review of THE LIE by K.C. Sprayberry


THE LIE is a great YA thriller about the price of having bad friends.

Amy and her brother Bryce share the narration of the novel. Amy is a member of the music band of a high school. Her bad friend Jane convinces her to participate in a prank against the football team of the school. The prank turns into a disaster, as huge explosions happen and burn the school killing some people. Later, Amy knows that Jane has planned the explosions intentionally and tricked her. As the novel goes on, Amy goes to university. She has a relationship with Trey, whom she has always had feelings for. Her evil friend Jane keeps appearing in her life, although Amy does not want to see her anymore. Bryce exerts all of his efforts to protect his sister form Jane. Things evolve as crimes appear to the surface, which adds an amazing element of suspense to the novel.

There many great things about Sprayberry’s style.

Firstly, you can easily see the great writing experience she has. The novel tells you that Sprayberry went through extensive reading and writing through her career.

Secondly, although Sprayberry is not a young adult, you feel the realistic nature of narration by Amy and Bryce. The reader feels he is reading realistic feelings and thoughts of a teenager and a young adult.

Moreover, unlike most of novels, THE LIE criticizes the way Amy’s mother deals with her. I am used to parents criticizing their children, not the opposite.

In addition, I like the lessons included in the novel. Especially, the one about the result of having bad friends.

In conclusion, any reader who likes the YA genre SHOULD NOT miss reading THE LIE.


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